Erzulie Set 2 - Freda


With lots of LOVE



Erzulie Set 1 - Dantor


With lots of LOVE


Haitian Cemetery AddOns


Head skins with scarfs by SimBrujaja - find them in the gift section!


Bruja's Yahoo Group:

  HCM Addons  

Voodoo Set - Cliché


Debugged Vodou Objects - please download again!

  Legba Veve Drawing and Playable Drums had bugs which are removed now. The sets beneath are updated, but you only need to download this file in case you already have the sets.  

Haitian Cemetery part 1


Haitian Cemetery part 2


Ghede Voodoo Set 1

  ghede 1  

Sound Object Haitian Vodou Drums (TV based)

  NOTE: this is a huge zip file > 11 MB  
  Many thanks to Expression for the custom sound tutorial and the Nature Sounds TV I used as base!  
  Both, and much more awesome stuff can be found at awesome expression  
  (Working drums for your sims in the Ghede Set above)  
  vodou drum sounds  

Voodoo Set - Papa Legba

  Legba Set  
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