Feel free to share, clone and recolor my objects.
Just do not claim them as your own, and give due credits to the
creators of the bases and textures if they are not mine.

Andrasta's World is not affiliated or endorsed by Maxis or EA Games or
it's licensors. I use bases from all expansion packs - download and use
at your own risk. Magic Cookie to prevent ID conflicts is provided in my files.

You can contact me at the Sims forums TerraLuna and Simblesse Oblige


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Door To More is a private fan site with custom content made by myself. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by Maxis/EA-Games or it's partners in any way. You won't find neither commercial content here nor any links to commercial sites.
Door to More ist eine rein private Fanseite mit selbstgefertigten Objekten für das Computerspiel Sims 1. Zu Maxis/EA-Games besteht keinerlei Verbindung. Weder enthält Door To More kommerzielle Inhalte, noch finden sich Links zu (oder Werbebanner mit) kommerziellen Inhalten.